54 Gertie

My steering has reached the stage where directing air with the quarterlight windows can often be a more effective way of adjusting course. I would like to have my existing (and more than likely orignal) box rebuilt, and avoid either sending my 'core' in exchange for a recon, or, heavens forbid, a shiny new Chinese one.

Is there anyone in the UK, ideally London-centric, that can do it? Happy to be without for a few weeks if needs be, I have no great day-to-day use for the car.


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Maybe try cogbox? I know they specialise in gearboxes, but he does other stuff too.
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW

As far as I know you can't get new worms/rollers or bearings so I doubt you'll be able to rebuild your steering box. Fitting a new one would be the best bet even if it won't look original.


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Probably a bit late but a few years ago I heard of someone sourcing one through VW as a rebuilt or refurb unit, apparently they new a VW parts or service manager in main dealer.

I doubt you could just walk in and ask for one.😂
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