John Foster
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Hi all,

This forum has been a great source of information and has really helped me in my research whilst on the lookout for the right car - so I thought I’d join in to say thank you and hello!

On reflection, I’ve been pondering and talking about wanting an oval for over 20 years. Other VW’s have come and gone (not so many gone...) but this week, with the help of a good friend, we found what I hope is ‘the one’ and I am delighted to be getting to start to know the car and very much looking forward to enjoying my first miles with ‘Albert’.

It appears he’s done very little mileage over the last 10 or so years and has been sympathetically stored and cared for. Now showing just 48,000 miles there’s a good documented trail of history and mileage but I’m hoping there may be some other previous owners still around and am also starting to look at what else I can find out.

I came upon the car after an unsuccessful viewing of a LHD 54 in Kent - a long way from my Norfolk home, (and the Bedfordshire base of my co-pilot (co-conspirator?) Julian Robinson). Whilst parked in the motorway services, the aforementioned said ‘have you seen this one’ ?

I hadn’t. It had been advertised on VZ and somehow had passed me by. After a few hasty calls - we arranged to see it straight away (as sort of in the area) and - mid Sunday afternoon - headed South to Surrey. While not perfect, I was blown away with the condition and later that day we bought him home on a c.130 mile shakedown. finishing our trip well after midnight.

The car was refreshed by KK in the early 90’s and magazine featured and still looks pretty much as good today (a few aged areas of paint which I hope to gradually address) but a testament to the care (and lack of miles) he’s had since.

I’m not sure I’ve ever followed a car so nervously - but all was well and after an epically long day he is home.

The plan is to check the brakes, change oil, give him a wash and polish and begin to enjoy some gentle miles with a plan to re- introducing him gently to the world after being tucked away for so long,

I’m sure I’ll continue to find the forum (and FB) helpful and hope you’ll treat my inevitable rookie questions gently as I find my feet and continue my learning!


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Hi John, car looks great! Welcome to the forum.
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
John Foster
Thanks Rob

Lots still to learn but I’m very pleased with it. I’m digging around to see if I can find any old info on the car from when it was last properly used in the 90’s which is enjoyable and working out where is best for decent quality service parts.

Looking forward to a few familiarisation drives

Small world? I think this is it parked next to Julian Robinsons raised up Beetle?

Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
John Foster
Excellent! That’s another one for the file - thank you. Do you know where / when that was taken?
It was at one of the Ivan Hirst memorial shows
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
John Foster
Cheers. I’m trying to research some additional history of the car so it all counts.

Now - if I could just track down John McAllister!

I’ll update if I discover anything of interest. The car is great - just about to dismantle the brakes to give them a refresh as suspect it’s been a while...
Found these that I took at the Ivan Hurst meet..
I'm so pleased you got it.. so much better than the first one we looked at on the day..

Its a lovely thing and will be a pleasure to drive when it has better brakes.. Its the longest drive I've done in an oval for a very long time!

I remember looking at an oval for you 20? years ago.. glad you got there in the end! 😃