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Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW

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I'm not a newbie.. But hello! 😃

Hello All,

Im not necessarily a newbie ( I first registered about 5 years ago ) but I am just returning to my '65 beetle after having it laid-up for several years after taking it off the road and focusing on building a new garage ( the car's last outing was Lavenham 2016 ). The car needs a full rebuild as the floor and channels are rusted through and I will be starting to pull it apart this autumn.

Can anyone provide tips on the best websites and facebook marketplace link from which to collect parts ? My car is pretty original with most of it suitable for restoration but i know I will be after some interior and engine parts in particular. My car has a D- code 1200 engine which is pretty worn-out. I would like to put together an original pre-D code 1200 with single port heads etc. but perhaps vintage speed style dual carbs and manifolds. Any tips on the best places to source parts would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Craig,

Best place to source parts all depends on what parts you need, for metalwork pieces there are, Mika Virtanen ( and Hookys also make some superb parts ( Also  make some good stuff too.

I'm not sure of anyone making a single port vintage speed dual carb set up, there are some old ones around but they're quite hard to find. On my '65 cabrio I used single port dual carbs off of a type 3, worked really well and looked the part with the Knecht style air cleaners. I've also seen some cool home made single port manifolds just made with some pipe at a bit of an angle, weld on the flanges from a single carb manifold and you're done. I think these were done like that:

4CF2FDFE-DBC1-490E-A4B1-EAE395776076.jpeg 86B27882-4C69-4236-83D8-C201B03E2B40.jpeg
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
Thanks for the reply Rob - i'll check out those suppliers for the floor pans and the odd panel repair for the body.
I guess you are using newer 1300 cylinder heads to fit the type 3 manifolds ? Ive got a few Knecht pan-cake air cleaners already which I bought with the dual carbs set-up in mind. Can't wait to start the work!
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