20B5CBF8-1678-412F-BF0C-50C45965CB7F.jpeg 13689B82-906B-4B86-9E54-115AE5C96ABF.jpeg 232C2568-631A-49CE-B04F-5EB9BAC0290D.jpeg 1007D0FA-A38A-4851-AFFC-54B4315C05FF.jpeg DD08ADA2-5CAA-4554-BD6A-4371F38F6C77.jpeg 6679C5E4-53C4-47BD-AFA2-E55166B8B5E9.jpeg 21E64DFB-9543-43FF-8B6F-A0DC2A9C8DE2.jpeg 82B59BCA-3A46-40DD-9F28-A1D5E4D88ABB.jpeg 3349B937-9A45-4AEA-849F-B19483D47A59.jpeg I have a 1971 VW Squareback, 1600cc, dual Webers, fully automatic not an automatic stick. Too many new parts to list. Runs, drives, current registration, pink slip in hand. Serious buyers only. I am located in San Diego CA. I am looking to sell this I am asking $9,000

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