Hello Folkswagen

Another simple question here :
Is there somebody who knows what the asking price for a NOS (never used in te box :lol: ) TSV 1300 Okrasa kit should be ? :?:

I have one but maybe I whould sell 😞 it to buy something else:
Do not bid :twisted: because it is to get a clue what the kit is worth ?

ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective

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Hi Peter,

as you know I have a similar kit for a 34Din and there are some people who offerd me to sell the kit for me at a price of about 1250 Euro.
and this was somme years ago.

Your kit is not so commen as mine so I think between 1500 and 2000 Euro would be a fair selling price for it.

It would be nice in a zelensis 😎 dont you think.


If this set is complete, don't sell it !!!
I have seen a set sold for 2400 euro last year In France !
I would be pleased if I could have your set for a few weeks, I'm intrested in the heads and the crank shaft !! 🙂

Thanks Guido and Bart ..
Is it only 2500 Euro?????

My kit is NOS, complete, with the manual, with the oil tempgauge, with the crank, and every litle bit, nut and bolt....
Even the small boxes are there..

I tought that it was a bit more but anyhow i am not going to sell it.
I had an option on a california but after checking it, it was to expensive ...

I have to stay with my WBX Westy.. :roll:

Hey Bart, How is your body? ( I mean the car :lol: ) Maybe i can take it to Hessisch on a roofrack.... :wink:
ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective
My atlethic body is in great shape :? , that of my car a bit less.
I go to Antwerp looking for an indicator switch to mount on the dash.
The previous switch looked not good and was clumsy to use.

For your Okrasa kit its better to keep it maybe somme day you have a car to used it on, then it would be regrettable not to have it anymore.
It is very dificult to put a price on a complete kit like yours, because you dont fint them like that and there are always people who will pay very very high prices for things like that.

Hi Peter,
Did you decide to sell, or keep your Okrassa kit?
Hi malc.

I decided to keep it where it is, Warm and safe on my desk in a "VW room".

Maybe I 'll keep it for another 10 to 15 years and put it up for sale, in that timelaps, My daughters are going to high school and hopefully there are still beetles to put it on ...

ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective
Andy Sparks
Checks out e bay at the moment, there is a couple of sets for sale, one NOS
You can never have too many accessories on your car. 🙂
FYI: The complete NOS TSV13---30 kit which I sold to Mac Jones in the USA about ten years ago went for £3000...

They are RARE!
Andy Sparks
KS is that Keith Seume? I was speaking to you at the old Wolfsburg museum looking at the Okrasa.
When you said you bought your KDF block. Remember seeing that kit, and was reading the piece in Vworld classic magazine the other day.

Have you got any advice about running, or building one. I know you have had one or two in the past?
You can never have too many accessories on your car. 🙂
Guilty as charged! ;)

Building an Okrasa motor is no different really to building any other VW engine as the kit gives you everything you need, including (in the case of long-stroke kits) the spacers for the cylinders and pushrods. If you ever decide to build the motor, I've got a set of instructions I can copy for you. Despite the quality o the crank and the lack of serious rpm the engine's likely to see, it is worth getting the bottom end balanced.
Hey guys ....and the great guilty one

When I got my kit, it came with a complete manual ( yellowed old paper) in German .
There is nothing mentioned about balancing but I assume that it is a very good investment for a precious kit like mine and others. :idea:

As for this moment I will not use the NOS kit and keep it at my home-office-room for the next 10 years. I had promissed the man I got it from that I will not sell it , and i keep my promisses.
However , one day , I will complete my other secret project and maybe the Okrasa kit have a good chance to join that one... 😎

On the other hand. 10 years ago 3000 pound was alot of money...how much is that now? :shock:

PS: KS did Mike got a parcel last week by the postman and did he liked it?
Greetings. Peter

ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective
Hi Peter - yes he did, thank you, and he passed it on to me. Many thanks! can't wait to do the feature... 😎

By the way, the opnly reason i sold my Okrasa kit was because a) I already had an NOS one in my 1951 Beetle and b) it sat gathering dust in my living room for a couple of years! After a while, I preferred to see someone put it to good use, was made an offer and waved it good bye!

Again, thanks for the photos. Superb!
Andy Sparks
Keith, i'm building one now, but still have the small parts to find.
If you wouldn't mine i would love a copy of the guide.

I have the crank, but also have a NOS 69mm SPG crank which looks better balanced. Also have a set of 40hp 83mm pistons, so should be just under 1500cc.

I am getting the bottom end balanced as a matter of course, I balanced my 1200 that is in the bug at the moment. It's money well spent i think.

You can never have too many accessories on your car. 🙂
Hey Keith,
I toughed you whould like those picts. specialy the old ones...
I am glad you got them.
It took us ( Zelensis and zelensis61) a while to collect them and as I promissed to send the resto picts to mike, I was happy to give the Old ones too. Sadly :cry: those are the only ones left over from the early days of Zelensis construction.
Most of the credits goes to Bart who ownes the red one , hand made zelensis on wich the mould was made. :shock:
I asked Bart to finish his car to gather the Bad camberg meeting ....maybe a double feature. :lol:
Say hello to Mike and june....
greetings, Peter

ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective
Hello Rob, Andy ,Keith, Peter..
I'm back! 🙂
I didn't know there were so much NOS Okrasa kits on earth!! :-)
So I think I should finish mine too after nearly 2 years of stand by..
Just need to find a car to fit it!!
Keith, could you forward the instruction you have on TSV build up? or at least the tune up?
I've got some in dutch 36 hp and french 40 hp but would like to get more info on 36 hp in english... at least!
As Keith said, there is no real difference on build up compare to a stock engine but due to the worth of it... I wouldn't make a mistake!
Andy, what kind of small parts are you looking for? I have some external components at home...
Have a nice day to all of you
Mrwob attached the following image(s):
Hi Steph,

Good to see you back!! 😃
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
Hey Steph,
Thank god you are alive.... :lol:
tought you was gone after Hessisch .
How is it with that other thing I spoked aboud several times. :wink: .
Any progress?

BTW, Nice obejct you got there in your hand..

ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective
Andy Sparks
Hi Steph,

I'm after fuel lines, carb linkage, and gaskets for between manifolds and heads. Also at some point one of your lovely exhausts.

Nice oil filter, does it have bees inside?
You can never have too many accessories on your car. 🙂
Hi there,
Peter, the "project" didn't realy move... no time to spend on. But One of my customer should be at home next week to speak about it and...
Well Andy, I've got the Okrasa linkage, fuel lines ( all options: filters,etc.. ) in stock and normally seals but have to find it!
I have some pics but not very good so I'll take better ones this afternoon.
The beehive filter is not one of my new project... it's already avaible at Moon shop in CA at +/- 225 USD... So mine is an original from 50 era..
Still wonder where I'm going to install it!!!
The Exhausts are in stock However the 36 hp model is sold by BBT for europe or recently seen in VWorld by Ritchie at KK. For more info you can contact me at mrwob@skynet.be or through this forum..
I promise to be more often connected! :-)
Rob, I still hope to go to London... Will be glad to meet you!
Nice day to all of you

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