I have opportunity to b :?: uy a complete 1200cc VW engine with a 1400cc
Okrasa kit. I make the deal but I have a big problem ! This engine was
on a Beetle and my car is a 63’ Karmann-Ghia Type 14 convertible or
you know it’s impossible to closed the engine lids !

In fact, I want to find the two elbows wich are between the filter and
the carburator (see my picture in the yellow circle). I thing it’s now impossible to
find it NOS in Europe. I want to buy it or to rebuild them. Do you know if someone rebuild this ?

Thank you in advance for your help !

Regards, Cyril

Cyril Viéville
32, rue des Tilleuls
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

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Hi Cyril,
I'm still looking for too. I have all tooling required to make them but don't want to do the job without an original model as template!!!
If someone heard this message...
Rem: I don't destroy the model!!!! :lol: