Ok, so I know I should have paid more attention in H.O.! But what is kdf wing beading made of? My old 50 deluxe beading is cream & black plastic moulded together, but kdf wont be plastic. Ideas?
Thankyou in advance from MrsSanta. 😃
"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann

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Your 50 should be made of cloth, not plastic. Don't know about a KDF, but I would expect cloth as well.

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Gary Constantine of Brezelwerks sells good repro split wingbeading if you want some...

Brezelwerks ad on The Samba... 

six-o-one attached the following image(s):

Seeing as all my wings are old but incorrect, I did doubt the wing beading was right, I had thought it a bit early for plastic.
That beading looks a really good price and kind of answers my fabric question. I think I am going to make mine along with some other things in the same fabric though, just need to hunt it out!

"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann
Rich Oakley
I seem to recall that KdF beading was different than that run of the mill split stuff. Can't remember the details though. Email Christian at Hessisch- he'll know 🙂
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