B*LL*CK, my front window just cracked, I have put in total 6 windows in and it was late in the evening when the last one cracked, and course its the front one wich is the most hard to get.

Anybode got one spare!

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En it just the way :!: If you want a new one,ring Creative Engineering in the morning and you will have it by wed or thursday. 01258 863600
Good luck with the next one

Alex, I just noticed on the general chat forum theres a nice PINK fastback for sale. Would go well with the bus a :?:
2 Pink cars is a bit OTT i think...B.T.W Its [b[not[/b] pink mr Crewcab! :lol:
The glass is breaking because the area of the window is probably slightly smaller, for some reason. I would suggest taking the time to make a template of the window opening using a piece of hardboard and then take the glass to a glass shop to have it "trimmed" to fit. Otherwise it sounds like that the opening will continue to break any piece of glass that you try to fit in there.

A friend of mine went through 2 windows before checking for size. He had the glass slightly "trimmed" to fit into that particular opening.

Hope this helps.
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thanx Larry, just done that, and told them to shave a millimeter of alround, been welding the window frames, that must be it.

About £20.00 for one, at a glass firm.
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