16 years ago
I love this car! It drives beautifully, just like it should!
Unusual very early '64 but with pre-64 small windows.
Original sea blue paint, stone chipped and touched up all over by its original caring old owner in its past but still super shiny!!! Rustfree unwelded, bone stock & never messed with, inside floor dry & rustfree, superclean original untorn cloth interior blue stripe fabric, brown carpet in super condition, 77,000miles, never fitted with radio or wing mirrors, comes with its original wheels(tyres are too poor for driving on hence the temporary 356bus wheels) and without spotlights. Not uk registered yet but MOT'd.
I'm taking it to VWExpo & Peppercorn.

"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann

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16 years ago
I think the wheels look super cool. If you are selling the car with the originals wheels would you be interested in selling the 356 wheels on their own?
I didn't see your car at Expo but then I suppose I wasn't looking!
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