ok so here's the problem:-
my 1960 bug still very original, no welding etc. when it comes to restoring (mainly superficial) does everyone agree original is best?. The colour of my bug is quite bland (artic white) and I'm thinking about changing it, same goes with converting to 12volt. Am I a mad fool to think such a thing?. :roll:

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I think the answer to your question is . . It all depends on what YOU want. You will get opinions leaning in both directions. Just make sure that if you decide to change it that you will be satisfied with the change. But remember - there is "no going back" from original.

As far as changing to 12 Volts, that could very well fall into the "safety" catagory. A lot of people have coverted to 12 volt strictly for the safety of driving in todays traffic.
Larry attached the following image(s):

Enjoy life to the fullest - in a VINTAGE VW

Hi Emma, Like Larry said, its your car and you must do what ever you want with it. If you respray a different color from the original,it can always be resprayed white again at a later time,although you will loose the original paint and patina.good luck with what ever you do. Dave :lol:
It is your car and you can do what you like to it, but if the car is that original then its a shame to lose that originality - you can never get originality back - a restored car is not original. A change of colour is also a big job to do properly, especially with the metal dash, insides of the doors, under bonnet area etc. and if you leave those white then it won't look right.

If you really do want to change the colour then the next best thing is an original period VW colour. There are some really nice 'old' shades to choose from. If you go for a modern colour, like a pearl or deep metallic then it will start to look like a custom bug. There's nothing wrong with that if those are the cars you like, but you'll probably want to get into changing the wheels, lowering & accessories in order for the whole car to look right, otherwise it sometimes ends up looking like half the job is done.

The 12v conversion won't alter the look of the car and as Larry said - thats an acceptable safety upgrade.

The most important thing though, is that YOU are happy with your car.
Rob Amos
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Yes,well said everyone.
however,if it,s white with a red interior,that is a really nice combination.
As for 12v conversion,no worries,just look after all the bits that come off.

Like crossply tyres,a 12v conversion is fine on the grounds of safety.
Crossplys are ok for shows but useless on the road.
Just flip a coin,if you can,t decide 😃

Hi Emma!

First of all I want to agree with all the others.You have to know yourself what you want do do with your car.

My beetle has been converted to 12 Volts by one of the pre-owners and I won't change that, it is better for today's traffic.
And the color?As long as you do the paintjob on the inside and the outside I don't think this is a bad dicision!

FREDDY :wink:
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