I've recently bought my first split screen a 63 import from south africa which has no seat belts fitted nor any rear interior. I'm in the process of ordering a new rear interior and want to put seat belts in both the front and rear. I would appreciate any help on this topic and have the following initial queries:
The front is a two and one set up, will there be any brackets for my year to attach the belts? Would it be acceptable to attach three 2 point lap belts?

In the rear there will be seating for four i.e. a 3/4 width bench seat and buddy seat, again would it be acceptable for four 2 point lap belts.

Any help/advice would be gratefully appreciated either from technical or legal standpoint.


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You do not need to fit seat belts, I assume therefore that you are fitting them for your safety. In that case I would recommend three point belts for the outer two. I think seat belt mounts were only introduced in '65 on buses.
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