I was puttering around in photoshop, and I got the idea for this when I first saw the advertising for the new MkV GTI and its "Make Friends With Your Fast" slogan, and having browsed around this website for awhile, thought that the folks here might enjoy it... I actually joined the forum for pretty much the express purpose of posting it..


Made from the "Fast" wallpaper on VW.com

Changed the VW logo to the older-style one seen on the advertising sheets on here, and found a font that comes very close to the font used in same..
oh, and altered the "Fast" to make it appear a little friendlier..

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Welcome to the forum...

err, stupid question - what is it? :oops:
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
Thank you for the welcome!,
in answer to your question..
the original "creature" is an advertising dealy VW has created for the new GTI.. its a stylized Rabbit called a "Fast"

The original, for more direct comparison :


some of the ads on youtube

I think they might be US only, I live in Canada and haven't seen the commercials, but a friend of mine bought a new GTI, and got a Fast sent to him in the mail by VW


Tried to make it clickable, but it wasn't working :cry:
Hmm.. I honestly thought more north americans visited here.. I suppose its not much to people who never got the original adverts..

ah well..

I still love the site!
We get a lot of North American visitors, roughly 50% of the website traffic is from the US - its just that not many stop by and say hello :?
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
Well I finally decided that I'd make a contribution 🙂

though I don't HAVE a Beetle yet, due to my own problems with licensing... I've loved 'em since... well since I could talk really..

my folks had an orange '74(I think) when I was growing up, and we joke that my first words were "what is this, and when can I have one?"
Andy Sparks
keep the faith mate, your day will come, i grew up in a grey 1963.

:shock: Just keep it standard :shock:

You can never have too many accessories on your car. 🙂
Very nice.. I've always had a soft spot for the '63s due in no small part I'm sure to loving Disney's Herbie movies when I was growing up..

probably the closest thing I'd do to customizing something like that would be to build a Herbie of my own 🙂

at least that way if the next owner doesn't care for that its no big deal to put it back to stock..
Beelte's are a bit like pringles. Once you pop you can't stop. Not with drum brakes anyhow :shock: :shock:
"pre67vw" wrote:

We get a lot of North American visitors, roughly 50% of the website traffic is from the US - its just that not many stop by and say hello :?

Count me in.

Burnaby BC Canada.
egspot attached the following image(s):

Hi Emilio, welcome to the forum.
Looks like you've been changing your wheels a lot on your '64!

Which are the most recent wheels? 😃
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