Hi guys, im trying to trace the original paint ref number for my bug but im struggling. Its Bamboo L241 at the moment but i dont think this can be correct as the years dont tie up. My bug is a 1967, i think this colour was used in the late 50s and pre67 says 71-81. My early history says beige but i have no number. Any ideas please?? Thanks

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You can send off to the VW museum for a 'birth certificate for you beetle which gives the full spec including the date it was built, optional extras and the original colour.

Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen
Frau Neefe
Dieselstrasse 35
Brieffach 1003
38446 Wolfsburg

Fax: 00 49 5361 52010

They charge 25 Euros (may have changed?) so you need to send your credit (visa) card number along with your name, address and the chassis number.

I've sent off for three so far by faxing the info.

There's a link somewhere on here to a web page where you can submit the details.

All in German, but you should be able to translate it enough to fill it in with bable-fish or similar. 
Great thanks for this detail-just for anyone who wants to know it now costs 35 Euros which is about £23.60. Thanks