:?: I have a 67 vw bug and i was wondering how do you make your hood a rised decklid. because i see it on other bugs but i wonder how you make it rise. i like the way it looks. can anyone tell me how to? thanks

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Hello again.
Got it started yet?

These bits are called 'Stand-offs' and basicaly bolt inbetween the normal decklid hinges and the decklid, raising it a by about three inches. Normally used when you put a big engine in to help cooling.

If your in the uk I would guess one of the places to go would be Machine7.
so they are called "standoffs" ? to raise your decklids .. thanks for helping me with info on helping me getting it started. i figured out it was just a little fuse under the fuse box that was burnt. i replaced it and it started like it did before :lol: . How mcuh are those standoffs usually cost in america?