Has anyone first hand experience of TMI seat covers?
Is the quality good and are they easy to fit and obtain a professional looking finish?
The original seat/interior colour for my Red Beetle would have been black or Platinum and I quite fancy Platinum. What is the nearest TMI equivalent?
Are there any other original spec covers available that are recommended?
The 67 1500 seats were the first to have the side handle to tip the back forward (the 67 1200 and 1300 did not change to this) and this feature then carried on with later models. Did the seat shape on the 1500 also change to the profile of the 68 seat? So should I be buying the 65 - 67 covers or the 68> covers? I find the 67 1500 being largely a one year model is always a difficult one to define precisely.
If anyone can help with any of the above queries I would really like to hear from you. I'd appreciate hearing of your experiences before parting with my hard earned cash!!
Batton 😃

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TMI covers are fine, and come at a very reosanable price.
You can check out all the colours at 
I do think that seat upholstery is like a paint job, it's all in the prep and the more you put into that the better the finished result will be.
As well as the TMI covers we are also able to supply superb 'Horse Hair' seat pads which are worth thinking about.
Feel free to call me should you wish 01702 601155

Thanks for getting back so quickly Jules. I've looked at the TMI website already and that is one of the confusions. For all the vast array of colours they have available none is called 'Platinum' which is the original VW colour I am looking for.
My Beetle is currently decked out in black so I don't have existing colours to match to. If anyone can suggest the closest TMI match that would be appreciated.
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