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Well the short story to all this is I have a friend that is moving out of state, they gave me a 1964 bug with what looks like enough parts to rebuild a second engine and rewire and trim out a second bug . 😃 ...Only problem is that it had a tree dropped on the roof at an angle :cry: ...Mashed the back window out on the driver's side (on broke glass) and put a 5-6" divit in the window frame of the passenger door.)again no broben glass window was rolled down at the time ? ) the back window is also popped out but again not broken . Is this saveable with out cutting the roof off ?
Floor pan and engine are all soild , some surface rust on body lower fenders are rusted out to where the running boards have falle off ..
Bill G.

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Hi, Welcome to the forum. I think that looks a bit of a tough one to salvage without making it into a convertible. What you may look at doing is putting in a full length rag-top sun roof which would take care of most of the damage, then replace the part above the rear side window with the metal from a scrapped car. 

Good luck with the project!
Rob Amos
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