Hi, A quick dit about me.... after having mk2 golf gti and a mk1 cab gti I thought the next step could be a spit screen van.... as of yesterday Im the proud owner of a 1959 LHD german import. The bodywork is good as its already been sprayed, it is around 80% complete in 3 large boxes... I was just wondering if anybody had or knew where I could find some close up pics of the cab and what an original looks like (switch location).. I hope that doesnt sound to silly but we all have to start somewhere!

Thanks in advance


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Sorry I also forgot to ask, does anybody know of a company or someone that sells the origial roof racks???

Thanks again!


Welcome Dan, Have you got the van yet,post some pictures here so we can all see it. You should also join the splitscreen van club,the members there help with everything. these two web sites should find the pics you need, [url=http://www.ssvc.org.uk]
If you cant see what your looking for,i will take some of mine.
the roof racks you can get are nearly all repros but a good selection from
Just campers,KarmanKonection,Creative Engineering. Good luck Dave :lol:
Welcome Dan,

Have you seen Dave's van? He has a really nice one and he has also put a lot of hard work into it.

As Dave said I don't believe that any company sells the "original" roof racks anymore. You would be very fortunate if you found a new one but it would surely cost you quite a bit of money for the real thing. It's just been too many years since the demand was there. But now that the demand is back it has become easy to purchase a "reproduction". The vast majority of racks that you see now are the reproductions.

This is a great forum stick around,
Larry 🙂
Enjoy life to the fullest - in a VINTAGE VW
Thanks for your replys, yes I do have the van... :lol:


Any comments welcome.... just be nice please! 😃

Oh and to stop the questions about the rear arches... its been lowered (too far in my opinion) and its to stop scrubage. 😞
Hey Dan.that looks the biz, look foward to seeing at the shows.have you got it registerd yet in uk.What do you need to know about the inside?.I think the hieght is just right. is it irs or straight axle,what engine you got?
when i got mine it was a rolling shell and like you had boxes of bits which after doing the body and respray had to sort them all out.and find out where they all go.wish you lived a bit nearer i would come and help you out.its the best bit doing all the finishing touches. Dave.
if its easier feel free to e-mail me.UserPostedImage
Just thought i would check after a few beers..... yes to irs... 1600 on twin carbs.... no to registers but have letter from mr vw saying the van is what it should be...

nighty night. :wink:
(my head hurts!)

Sorry to post that but im just too excited about my new project!

Thanks for your comments dave, your van looks stunning.

What show will you be at next?? altho im a a while of running my van I would like to get around and see a few vans to get some idea of what I like and dislike... also to try and piece together some of the odd looking parts! :roll:

Thanks once again for your help.


Hi Dan,Hope your heads ok now. Just got back from a classic car show
where my truck was voted the most wanted car that people would like to take home with them, allthough i would not let them do so,so well pleased.
The next v dub show i am going to is the Sussex v w show at Chalvington.East Sussex,normally quite a big show, on Sunday 8th August,if you can make it. Any off those bits your not sure of,E-mail me some pics,and i will try and help you out. Dave :lol:
Well done for the show!

I will stick it on the calender but not sure about the 8th.... I will do my best but turning up in a non vw will be just so wrong!
Both vans look "sharp" to me. I never get to see vans/crew cabs around here. WHY you ask? They are just a rare item around here. You guys should feel fortunate that you have them.

Thanks for sharing those photo's - at least the rest of us can dream about them.

Enjoy life to the fullest - in a VINTAGE VW
I recently, last night, installed a rebuilt spedometer in my 1967 VW Camper. now my the warning lights, turn signals and wipers do not work. Anythoughts on what I may hve hit or done? Also I have an extra wire...there were three ends off the top of the speedo, only two hook into the speedo. Thanks
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