I'm restoring a 1967 Beetle, and it desperately needs new carpet. Is there a real big difference between carpet kits? Can a cheap brand carpet kit fit incorrectly? Same question for Headliners.

I'm trying to conserve money, but i want it to look correct, and not cheap or thrown together. This is just my first project, and I'm not real familiar with brands or the quality/price ratio as far as cosmetics. I've found carpet kits ranging from $35 - $120.

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There is a huge difference in quality and price. If you buy a cheap, one-size- fits-all carpet, you will be sorry you wasted the money and time. Wolfsburg West carries excellent syntetic and original german square weave carpet kits, but the latter will cost you over $400. They also make there own rubber mats. If you still have the originals to use as a pattern, you can buy german square weave carpet buy the yard (it takes about 3 yards at $55. per yard) and cut and bind your own or have an auto upholsterer do it for you. As for the headliner, Acme in LA, CA make the best. I think Wolfsburg West sells those too. Good luck, Patty
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Ahh, I looked it up around the 'net a bit more, and It seems it would cost little more to get a "SureFit" 7-piece kit, so I guess i'll get that to be on the safe side.
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