16 years ago
Hi all,

I may be just squeezing in on this forum as my car's chassis number relates to December 67 (but is egistered June 68)! I've had my 1200 beetle for 14 years and restored it about ten years ago with the old cal look in mind. It needs a fresh paint job now and some more welding (was a daily driver and picture is quite old now) but I'm toying with the idea of resoring it back to how it once originally looked.

I know that the model is called an "economy" or "spark-kafer", and is a mish mash of leftovers and new bits 67/68. When I got it it had upright head lights, 6 volt electrics, early 60's type fuel gauge, reserve tank lever by clutch, full beam switch next to it, a huge lack of chrome, headlining just on roof section etc., economy indeed! At the time I restored it, the two tone cal look was the in thing so I switched over to slopey lights etc. Since then I've searched on the internet about this model and its original features but come up with nothing. I just wondered if it was a common car as I can't recall seeing any original models around like it.

If anyone can point me to any articles or websites I'd be very grateful!

Thanks very much


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Andy Sparks
16 years ago
Miss Fish on www.volkszone.com has one in very original condition. They are a wierd mix of bits.

You can never have too many accessories on your car. 🙂
16 years ago
The problem with the model year is pretty obvious... You see, the model year since the mid sixties began in august, so it isn't strange if it's registered as 1968, since it was made in december 1967. I myself own an economy bug , made on july 1967(still with sloped eyes, 6volt....), and the chasis number says pretty much too. The first two digits name the type(model) say 11..., the third gives us the year example 117...(in your case it should be 118)And the rest of the numbers might help dating approximately.

Sorry about the grammar, i got a little rusty, since i haven't spoke, or written in english for a few years.

i've seen some historical articles on www.vw-resource.com

Davor, Serbia
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