15 years ago
A friend in Germany is looking for a windscreen for his Lawrence model Rometsch. It is at Raoul's shop in Belgium.

If anyone has any knowlede of where to find one please contact Raoul or me and I will forward your info to the owner.

Also... There are some problems with some windscreens not fitting so he needs an original windscreen.

Does anyone know what car these windscreens originally were made for. I know that the Beeskow windscreens come from a Goliath but I don't know about the Lawrence model.



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15 years ago
Hello Erik,

the window ( repro ) that Siggy does not want to use his his only chance.

There were 11 windshield made from a guy name Koch from the area by Bonn. He has also a Lawrence and his windshield was broken. We als got 2 of them. They do not fitvery well ( some are 2 cm bigger ) at the sides. When you restaure you car you must change the frame to the glass. We also looked for a lomg time for a spare glass. On our cabriolet we also hat to fit the glass to the frame. Rometsch had a company that extra made the front windshields for the Lawrence for them. So if Siggy does not want to use a coppy is has 3 options , drive with no windscreen, use the coppy or by a second Lawrence and use that windsreen.

Bye Christian

15 years ago
He rebuild his own windscreen exectly for his car.... ;-)

But I think it`s better going on holiday for the next 10 years

as to build a windscreen...


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15 years ago
Auweh ! That sounds not very funny !

Here in Italy we got some good glassmakers i use sometimes for old Porsche windscreens, i need to know how much you want to spend for it to help you.

Mail me at:


if further help is needed,


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