Hi, I just finished swaping the rear apron on my Heb to the correct one and was wondering weather or not it should have the hole for the crank start. It's a Febuary of 50 car I have seen some with and some without the hole is there a cut off in the dates? or is it more of where the car was sent to?

Thanks Dave

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Hi Dave,
Heb #601 (built 14th Feb) doesn't have a crank start hole.
Heb #603 (built 9th Feb, just before yours) has a later valance fitted.
Heb #608 (Listed as the next heb finished after yours) is still around somewhere.
Heb #623 (missing Aufbau plate so no build date) now has a crank start hole, but didn't in the first restoration pictures.
Heb #584 was missing the rear valance when it was found.
Heb #628 (built 22nd Feb) very original and doesn't have a hole.

I would guess that yours wouldn't have had a hole, but who knows!

Hi, Thanks for the input I was thinking mine would'nt have it but was just checking. I am going to spray the apron this week and thought I would double check. The rear apron was the only body piece changed on my car long ago so I had no referance.

Thanks Dave
After investigation I found out that Heb623 origially had no crank start!
I cut out the crank start hole and throw the hole in the litter box! :shock:

With other words the hole is closed now!

I closed the hole to let the wiring loom go tru (wrong ofcourse) and opened the hole for the crank start (wrong too) :oops: :oops: :oops:

Due to my concerned friends here on the forum who told me I was wrong I found out that they were right I solved this problem!!! BTW Thank you for that!!! :wink:

So the wrongly closed hole is now open again and the wrongly opened hole is now closed again!

:twisted: ET

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