15 years ago
I have an opportunity to buy a 1956 VW Beetle that needs restoration. It has a great floor plan that doesn't need work. However the front and rear apron needs replacing, new heater channels, and minor patch work. The interior is stripped to the metal. It has windows and glass except for the doors. It has four wheels and a transmission but no engine. A reputable VW shop estimates it needs about $8,000.00 to get it "paint ready". How much should I pay for this floor pan and body? Any comments?


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Andy Sparks
15 years ago
I got a 56 RHD no rust, with a van (ford hightop, long wheel base, full to the roof) load of spares for £1300 about 4 years ago.

Had doors, factory rebuilt engine, everything except 1 front seat and head liner.
You can never have too many accessories on your car. 🙂
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