Hi me again, just to say I have just got my van running!!!! 😃

It was just a temperary test, there is still no wiring but it was all a bit basic just enough to get her to purr.... It was also the first time I had checked underneath the van properly,but I have to say its very tidy with no rust, but the list has been doubled of 'work to do'...

... Now for the questions that someone may be able to help with!, there is what looks like a fuel cut off valve that has (sorry should!) have a cable to it.. can anybody tell me where to get one from as its rather weepy, also would anybody have or know of a gear linkage rod as mine has been sabataged and looks beyond repair... one last one... Has any body brought any aftermarket shocks (front and back) for a lowered van ?? they need to fit 65'ish bettle ruuning gear to a 59' van!??? I have seen them on a site but as you can guess now I need them I cant refind it.. 😞

Thanks for your help.


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You got mail Dan :wink:
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