hi i'm new to the forum and am doing a resto on my 65, i am now at the poin where i am closing the body/pan i have the rubber seal but was wondering if you had any tips on the process. Ie how to hold the rubber still or cut and for m it?

any help would be great.

thanx Stephan.

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On the early cars Stephen the seal was held by small nails/tacks(don't know how late these were used)similar to the carpets.
However if you use a product like Sikoflex in small quantities it will hold the rubber in place so you can perform all the work you need to without the seal moving.The rubber comes in one long strip its just a question of making measurements and cutting with a model knife.
KK sell an excellent quality repro seal.
the tacks were still used on my '65, but you have to line them up with the original holes otherwise they are almost impossible to hammer in.
Rob Amos
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