How to attach pictures

Method 1: Photos hosted on a photo hosting site like photobucket.

If your photo has already been uploaded somewhere on the internet, then copy the link (URL) to the image - make sure it starts with 'https://' otherwise it won't work. Then press the 'insert picture' button (Attached Image) and paste in the URL.

Method 2: Upload photos directly to your post

You can upload images directly to your post by clicking on the 'Attach files to this post...' link near the bottom. Then click on the 'Upload new files' button and a file upload window will display:



When you're done, press the preview or save and view your post.

You can also attach photos later by editing your post and following the above instructions.

Rob Amos
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Adding youTube videos

To add a youTube video so that it's viewable directly in the forum, first select the youTube URL and copy it. Make sure it's from the main youTube site and not from a youTube channel or from another site with a different format, it should look like this:

(where XXXXXXXXXXX is the movie ID).

Now in your forum post, click on the [BB/] button and select the youTube option. It will add some code into your post like this:


Next, click right in the middle of those two tags and paste in your youTube URL so you have this:


And thats it, you're done!
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
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