please help, we have just got our '64 1200 beetle back, and the door panels have black underseal/ paint and general dirt on them, is there anything we can use that won't melt/damage them?
they were in good condition before if went for new floor and heater channels etc...... it would be a shame to replace them.
any ideas? :cry:
we could post some pics if that would help? :?

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I had this problem when tying to remove underseal from the hole of my car!! But the only thing that seemed to remove it well was petrol... not the nicest fluid but it did work.. Maybe try it on a little patch first but remember to re-polish your paint work after
Petrol, is a good solvent, to use, try also, white spirit and loads of clean rags, as otherwise, it'll smear around, from one part to the other.
And dont forget to remember the dangers of using solvents!!
Take Care.
Jayday. 🙂
Jayday....sortin out the oval..
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