Here's my new car, and I'm very happy!
So far I've got the engine running (not original) quite easily and have spent quite a few hours, or was it ten? trying to get a shine to some very flat paint.
Everywhere seems very solid, apart from a few little places.
I've also done some work on the front brakes and when I've done the rear and got some tyres (snow tyres at the moment) I am going to try for an MOT
Can anyone point me in the right direction for good reference material about original specifications? Currently the car has cloth rear seats and vinyl in the front. Basically I'm wondering what it should be like.


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Hi there

great looking car. You may wish to try this link which will give you an idea of the colour combinations which were available for your year of car. Regards Mike. 
Michael Mayson
Thanks Mike. It seems that cloth or leatherette was available. Very handy info though. Previously I've only ever looked at classifieds on the samba.
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AFAIK leatherette was an extra cost option. You almost never see it on native German Beetles. (My Karmann being an exception that springs to mind).

Most likely the front seats wore out and were replaced.

I think your wheels should be black centres and white rims by `63.

Cracking looking car BTW. Polished up a treat, and it looks rock solid.[/i]
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Thanks JD.
I am going to get the wheels cleaned off and painted before I put new tyres on, but I think for now they will just have to be black. I can always alter the rims at a later date.
I'm sure you are right about the seats as the front one's, although dirty, are in very good condition, unlike the cloth rear seat.
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If you get the wheels done black, its quick and easy to rattle can the bits you want white. Makes a big difference to the look also. Just a thought.
"John, you need to get a grip and STOP MOANING AT EVERYTHING. ThumbDown "
"JD" wrote:

AFAIK leatherette was an extra cost option. You almost never see it on native German Beetles. (My Karmann being an exception that springs to mind).

My 63 ruby has the 2 tone beige/cream vinyl door panels and then matching 2 tone beige/cream vinyl seats but its a NZ car so the seats are a slightly different combination to the German ones.
The Swedish cars were mostly all ordered with cloth interiors apparently. My old Kab had vinyl.

Was hoping to meet you Jonathan, maybe at Peppercorn now you are rolling!?! :D

I have only seen inside that bug very briefly. The door panels are original like mine, and the back seat ( looks nothing like mine! but is original) I think the fronts are something later 60's, but they did look in great shape. I think the cloth ones just wore out fast. We will have to keep an eye out for more chequer front seats for it maybe. Or much as though I am not a fan of tmi! They do sell a 63 seat cover set in the vinyl. Stock interior seat sets do come up from time to time. You will also find those vinyl front seat covers are quite valuable to someone restoring the right year car which will pay for fabric replacement covers when found.

That car's got super original paint, I wish mine was that good!

This weekend we had some friends round and we realised that all 4 of us own a 60's ruby beetle each! ( Although mine is painted white at the moment, someday she will return to look a little bit more like Andy Sparks beautiful Ruby! :D)

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Interestingly my 63 has different wheels again, they didnt ever come 2 tone in NZ.

Will take a look at another original Swedish Ruby's wheels to double check the colour combo.
"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann
Sweet looking car, lots of character! 😃
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Small-window Beetles just look so much better to my eye than those made circa '65 on, as the picture illustrates. Maybe this site should be named pre'65 VW. I can't see why those 6v cars built '65 - '67 are regarded so much more than the 12v cars. You can swap the panels round as people do to make their cars look older. You can't do much to alter the side window profile. All Beetles are nice, but the big-window shell of the post '64 cars just does not look so chunky. The small (side) windows date back to 1938. :wink:
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The great Rattletrap debate: 
I think the interior must have looked great originally with the cloth seats. And much more comfortable on a hot day too!
I dropped my wheels off at the paint shop tonight. So as soon as they are done and tyres fitted I'll cross my fingers and go for an MOT.
It would have been nice to meet you too, and I loved the paint job on the 1950 (?) Owen was driving. Peppercorn? What, where, when?
Can anyone recommend a classic insurer? It's three years since I last had classic insurance and my memory is hopeless.

Regarding larger windowed cars, I know what you mean, especially as at the moment as I have the two different versions sat next to each other, but my first beetle was a ruby 67 1500, when I was eighteen. I loved it, and it had so much character, so keep them in I say.
I shopped around myself for a good deal and I decided to stay with Footman James, they seem to offer more for your money.
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You could also get a birth certificate from VW, I think that tells you what the original trim and stuff was :)

Awesome car BTW :D

We need more pics!!!

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