The company I work for has just updated it's classic car site, we're looking for forum members to join up who are interested in classic cars in general - not just VW's - to try and get the forum going a bit, anyone here willing to help out? 

Thanks! 😎
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW

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Yep, I'll take a look over there tonight!
Looks like a very tidy user friendly site.

Personally, for me, I find 'all types' classic car forums far too broad to find interesting/spend time posting on, there is usually too much crappy old british stuff :lol:

My only observations are that as the classifieds are the big site traffic puller(?) there are a few similar places that have very similar classifieds for actual cars for sale, but very few for general all makes classic car 'used/old parts'
I realise this could turn into a massive section! BUT it seems to me that with Feebay having screwed its own market with its feegreed & system changes now, there is a big market hole to fill here?
I have lots of old volvo/porsche/Audi big parts I must get round to advertising somewhere and I have not decided exactly where yet.

Nothing at all to do with this topic, but reminds me, I am still completely amazed that the guy who owns Just Kampers changed their busy and successful classifieds, to a completely useless format, and in doing so killed the whole JK forum!
Most foolish vw commercial suicide act of 2008?! :lol:
No actually that award goes to John Donahoe (Feebay) :lol:

"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann
54 Gertie
Just registered!8)

Think its to early to tell (only 8 members!) whether it will be any good, im sure that time will tell! It is certainly nice to use! Thought the format looked similar and then I realised that it is the same as this!:beer: :lol:

Maybe they will add to it soon with a "For Sale" forum, rather than that list of parts suppliers!

By the way, who is John Donahoe?
President, CEO and murderer of Ebay since he took the job early last year 
"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann
I've registered too and added a couple of posts. All very familiar to users on here.
Good luck with the project.
54 Gertie
Anyone else want to have a look? :wink:

I drift on occasionally but the chance of seeing anything new is near impossible unless more people do!:cry: :lol:

BTW I took the best user name early! :wink: :lol: 😎
I have just registered as 1953 Sunsedan.