Hi folks
Has anyone got any info about the battery cover that was originally supplied or not maybe. The car I have has a nice home made wooden cover, nothing wrong with it but it doesn`t look the part thats all. As it has a clip that secures it I presumed there must have been an original maybe in the black hard board like the under bonnet liner. The previous owner was concerned about the metal under the back seat shorting out the battery terminals I guess and so made a wooden cover. I might just paint that black in a feeble attemp to make it fit in. Glad to hear your thoughts. Regards Richard.

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Welcome to the forum Richard.

What year is your car- 1956 Beetle?

The size, shape, fixings etc of the battery cover varied through the years, so the one you require will depend on the year of your car. To get you started on the subject, here are some for sale on The Samba:-

http://www.thesamba.com/...=&priceto=&model []=&section[]=64&wanted=show&zip=&zipdist=0&state[]=&usaregion=&country=&sort=date&sort_order=DESC&submitButton=Search

You should be able to find one here in the UK!

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Thanks Dave, Sorry I didn`t mention its a 1967 1200 model (112) it is probably the most basic of all models. The car has only had a couple of owners, that was a father and son in law I believe. Its in very clean condition, not having been restored and not modified at all. The car does not even have a fuel gauge. Its back to basics really and its still running 6 volts, but I may change that, but I am very dubious about changing anything, if it isn`t broken it doesn`t need fixing. It a nice Chincilla gray L70. I`ll post a picture or two when I work out how, I`ve tried a couple of times already, so I might abandon the idea in favour of a link to the pictures on hotmail one drive. I`ll check The Samba now cheers...
It seams like no one over there on The Samba wants to ship stuff over here, I`ve not even had a response from them about parts they are selling, what a bunch of ignorant $$%&*(**$(£ers . and .....Relax
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